Platinum Turf Program.

All Inclusive
Platinum Turf Program Includes (over 35% in savings)

  1. Basic Turf Program: Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Pre Fall, Fall & Winter applications.
  2. Aeration & Overseeding (1X) Fall: A process that creates holes in the lawn to loosen the soil, allows water and nutrients to get down to the root system, and prepares the soil for seeding. Reduces thatch, increase air to soil transfer & encourages stronger roots.
  3. Grub Control: To protect the root system from being damaged by grub worms, which exist approximately two inches below the surface continuously feeding on the root system, leaving damage that may not be apparent until too late with costly repair as needed.
  4. Fungus Control: This product cures and prevents turf-damaging diseases and keeps them from invading your lawn as needed.
  5. Lime treatment: To balance the PH of the soil as needed.